Archiving and storing your artwork calls for more than just good space planning. It requires best conservation practices. Optimal housekeeping and a controlled environment. Creative ideas for storing pieces that are fragile or those in odd shapes and sizes. It also means taking advantage of storage expertise to meet your museum’s unique needs – now and in the future.

At Masterpiece Storage Systems, we’re committed to practical solutions for storing framed art safely and efficiently. Our Masterpiece Storage Sliding Art ScreensSM are designed to fit collections of any size. Pre-planning,installation and after-sales training and support: we’ll work with you every step of the way. A storage system is an important investment. That’s why our services also include site surveys, grant writing assistance, working drawings, budget planning, financing and leasing, and complete project management. We also create special solutions for art preservation, such as positive air pressure rooms.

And another thing...

We personally install all systems ourselves. We offer free site visits and formal quotes. And our systems ship in four to eight weeks from receipt of approved drawings.

Our growing list of museum clients include: The Art Institute of Chicago The Los Angeles County Museum of Art Wichita Center for the Arts Birger Sandzen Memorial Gallery The Farnsworth Museum (Rockland, Maine)

Choosing the Right System

Before choosing the right storage screen system, considering the following:

  1. 1.Inventory your complete collection of framed paintings and other media, noting the size (width, height and depth), number and estimated weight of the objects to be stored on screens.

  2. 2.Examine and record the condition of framed objects. NOTE: Vertical storage for framed paintings is suitable only for objects in stable condition and with securely fastened hangers.

  3. 3.Calculate your space requirements based on current and future needs. How often will you store or rotate collections, and what are your accessibility requirements?

  4. 4.Assess the condition of your storage space. Is there available space in a spare room, your building’s basement or in a separate structure? What, if any, additional controls will be necessary to maintain an optimal environment for storage?


Collections with framed art need and deserve special attention – and special storage solutions.